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Welcome to GlueText®
What does GlueText® do?
GlueText® harnesses the power of the true collective knowledge on the Internet and reduces the effort it takes one to cut through Internet information pollution when searching for something.

We have created this ingenious, patent pending solution, to capture the collective knowledge as well as preserve the efforts of all the searchers world-wide. It's time to stop wasting time and effort, and start building and organizing a collective knowledge base.
GlueText® helps ordinary people find actual information on the internet.
How far does GlueText® reach?
As far and as wide as Internet is.

GlueText®'s Phase I was released on March 3, 2008. Phase II was released on May 28, 2008 for public access. One million GlueText® pages have already been created, with the number growing at an exponential rate.
All GlueText® pages contain search relevant internet content. We are continuously working on addtional GlueText® functionality as well as on refinement of our engine logic.
GlueText® grows with the internet.
Contact Us
GlueText® is open to forming a strategic alliance.
If you believe that your organization can benefit from an alliance with GlueText®, please contact us at legal at gluetext dot com.
GlueText® is The Edge you were searching for.
Did you know? A different kind of a drill down..
Use your mouse to select any text on a GlueText® page (or double click a word) and it instanly becomes a link to drill down your current search results. To erase all links on a page, simply refresh the page in your browser.
GlueText® works in unusual ways.
Drill down and narrow your search results - watch a demo
Can any site other than GlueText® do this?
What is the best way to search using GlueText®?
Based on our testing experience, the best results are achieved with multi level drill down, starting at simple, high level concepts and adding additional search words at each next level. For example, if you are looking for "insurance for my 1957 Chevy", don't kill yourself trying to figure out the right syntax, quotes, pluses, minuses, ANDs/ORs, etc. Simply enter "insurance", then once you get the search results, enter "1957 Chevy"
GlueText® works in simple ways.
So what are typically people finding with GlueText®?
You can not follow real time GlueText® queries with Twitter Twitter any more, as they decided that we "Tweet" too much, but you can still watch it in real time with our own GlueText GlueText HeartBeat Internet HeartBeat.
Or add it to your browser as an RSS Feed RSS feed.
GlueText® works 24/7 for you.
How many people use GlueText® on a regular basis?
GlueText® is different, that's why.
Make GlueText® work with your browser
Install Firefox or Internet Explorer extension to make GlueText your search engine. You can do so, by clicking the links below.

Mozilla Firefox extension GlueText Mozilla Plugin download.

Internet Explorer extension GlueText Mozilla Plugin download.

GlueText® works with your browser too.
Another first - can your screen reader read typical search results back to you?
Only GlueText® is worth reading!
Why does it take so long for GlueText® to find content?
Because GlueText® searches the World Wide Web in real time. GlueText® does not return "dead" links. GlueText® does not return pages with no relevant content. GlueText® does not return something that we haven't checked out. GlueText® does all the hard work for you!
GlueText® works hard to make it easier for you.
What does GlueText® run on?
GlueText® is a custom developed, multi-site, multi-cloud, multi-server, multi-process, multi-threaded, code. Not that any of it matters, as long as it finds the information for you. This is what innovation used to mean. Hence, the patent...
GlueText® does the hours of work in seconds.
Who is behind GlueText®?
We are based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are privately owned and managed company, experienced in Internet Technologies since the beginning of the Internet Time. We believe in self sustaining Information Technology business model. We believe in Internet. We believe.
We believe that GlueText® will make a difference in the world.

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